Have you ever wondered why young people have such a Pollyannaish view of a religion which inspires atrocities around the world on a daily basis, automatically dismissing contrary views with false equivalences about the Crusades or the Old Testament?

This site is run by individuals who have realised the reason is that they have been taught that attitude in school with dishonest texts along with hijab days and mosque visits in the name of cultural inclusiveness.

We wish to provide encouragement to parents and teachers who feel that this cultural awareness is invariably one way, thereby giving greater respect to Islam than to the Judaeo-Christian tradition which underpins our civilisation. When did you hear of Muslim children being required to wear a cross or yarmulke, or visit a church or synagogue?

Islam is presented in schools as just another religion. This is not so. No other major religion mandates the conversion or subjugation of all unbelievers by non-violent or violent means, as necessary. We hope to counteract the whitewashing of an unavoidably supremacist religion by spreading information, highlighting parents’ and teachers’ experiences, and, in particular, suggesting teaching resources which could be used by fair-minded teachers to redress the balance.

NB We had hoped to make this site an ongoing concern, highlighting instances of school bias as they occur. But, try as we might, we could not rouse any significant interest from a reading audience so we are calling a halt. The site will remain here though since we think it contains some useful information for concerned parents.