The Counter Jihad Parent Teacher Association

In these days of virtual communities, bound together not by physical proximity but by shared values and access to the internet, why should it be any different for Parent Teacher Associations?

Perhaps the term “Counter Jihad” is new to you. It refers to individuals and organisations working to oppose Islamisation of the West by jihad, whether of the violent or the civilisational kind. That includes inculcating in the young falsely benign understandings of the religion which, at its heart, demands the supremacy of Islam and the subordination of all other religions.

Hence the Counter Jihad Parent Teacher Association. If you are a parent or teacher concerned about what children are being taught about Islam then you’re in, whether you live in Alaska or Australia.

That is your calling card above. You can easily copy, resize according to taste (right click, copy image, paste into a word document, left-click on a corner of the image)  and print it. Why not use it to spark a lively debate at the school gates or to enliven your regular PTA meetings?


Dear Teacher

In many countries it is possible for parents to withdraw their children from parts or all of religious education courses. Here is an example letter broaching this sometimes sensitive subject with the school.

Dear Teacher

We understand that Islam is to be included in this year’s curriculum. Unfortunately we wish our child not to be included in the relevant lessons. We feel that if you present Mohammed as a benign lawgiver and prophet, as he is invariably presented, that would be dishonest. On the other hand if you present him honestly then it is likely to give any young child nightmares.

From Islam’s own scriptures we learn that Mohammed was indeed a religious leader but also a caravan raider, a ruthless warlord and a child-rapist who encouraged sex-slavery of non-Muslim women and employed torture and genocide in his drive toward power.

Allah hardly seems a benign deity either, repeatedly promising in the Koran to torture for eternity all those who do not believe in him. As far as we understand, that includes ourselves, our child and you too.

If you can disprove these claims then we would be grateful to be enlightened but otherwise we would only be happy for our child to learn about Islam at an age when they are old enough to fully comprehend the facts.

Yours sincerely