Propaganda in the Czech Republic

During his spell as President Obama’s ambassador in Prague, Andrew Schapiro supported various Islamic causes. One of them was a project called Muslims in the Eyes of Czech Schoolchildren. It was billed as merely an attempt to educate children about Islam but was eventually ended due to a backlash from parents who thought it went considerably further.

This video, revealing that schoolchildren were actually paid to attend, is from April 2014. In September 2014 the Czech Ministry of Education dropped its support. In the end just a few schools participated in the project, which was financed by the USA and criticized by almost everybody.

Here is a Czech article on the subject, translation courtesy of Google but it gives the flavour (if anyone can provide a proper translation we would be most grateful):

Propaganda of Islam in Czech schools 1.díl

Muslims and islamofilové, especially among religionists, taking off muslimové.cz new campaign to promote Islam in Czech schools. Czech children will be modeled after the “advanced West” advanced islamizovaného understand, from an early age oblažovány uncritical promotion of “beauty” of Islam. The first sheep even get paid for it, they will become the face of this propaganda materials.

Program for schools is reportedly focused on ‘familiarity with Islam, prevent prejudices and xenophobia and developing the skills of critical reception of information. ” Which is downright cynical description for the promotion of “beauty” of Islam with lecture topics such as “Paths of young Czech women to Islam” with the participation of enthusiastic konvertitek to Islam.
Lecture “Journeys (not only) Czech women from Islam”, based on the experience of ex-Muslims to Islam and casting off the reactions of Muslims, of course, in a similar multicultural project has no place …

Just reading the introductory chapters on the project website says a lot. Bear in mind the endless relativization and trivialization of the program (doctrinal) hatred of Islam to all un-Islamic and Islamic neideálnímu. So if there is ever even mentioned only marginally. The authors did not directly deny the doctrinal dare example enshrined subordinate position of women in Islam, but the topic converted into a kind of subjective and difficult to define “respect for Muslims to women.” Similarly, the purpose is followed in all individual topics. Of course all complemented by a more or less explicit by pointing to the so-called. Islamophobia, which according to the authors basically the only blot on the issue of Islam and not to be, so are the bright future in sight.

Man knowledgeable combined Islamo-multicultural queue is not surprising that throughout the events known worth individuals.
At random, let us Klara Popov student Religions draft up Bronislaw Ostřanský. This “expert on Islam,” which according to his own confession, “Islam is painting pink” and when he has less time, after the fashion house confidants of yore writes lampoons employers denunciatory anti-Islam activists, of course, touted the project. His blessing he added another “expert on Islam” Lubos Kropáček who collaborated with totalitarian regimes and ideologies have already tested the STB as an agent.
Not missing another “expert on Islam,” this time for parties zelených- Šádí Shanaáh, which recently held a ‘Conference on Islamophobia “money Kuwaiti embassy, a state that criticism of Islam, freedom of belief or disbelief (Atheism) affects multiyear prison sentences.
The team is also a convert to Islam, Catherine “Gamal” Richter, draft up to madrassas in the Gulf. As revealed in the leaked correspondence, such as for example a Muslim propagandist equipped to defend Islam, this time sent his Prime Brno mosque Muneeb Hassan Alrawi to show for myself, dealing with exmuslimce that was in the Czech Republic threatened by Muslims. The same Alrawi, which calls for beating the children who do not pray to Allah and the mosque that preaches about the murder of Jews and democracy and equal rights for women called delusions. It’s almost a mystery why the team is missing, the team would set up.

Also the funding of this propaganda speaks for itself. In addition, guard and probably a grant, the Ministry of Education, to further include:
-Anne Lindh Foundation, part of the Euromed (Mediterranean Partnership). This EU project on “intercultural dialogue” with Islamic countries aims and works to supply 56-80 million immigrants and Islamic countries to the EU in 2010 to 2050th
-American Embassy in Prague. Why that would be a separate analysis, but just remember the excellent relations with the US wahabistickým regime in Saudi Arabia and can take over the fact that the US Embassy in Prague has organized several celebrations of Ramadan with Muslims in the country.
-INSAAN, Czech center-Arab cultural dialogue. It is an NGO already mentioned Šádí Shanaáh.
-urban Library in Prague (provides space)

Propaganda campaign targeted at children and encourage extremists of the group “for the Czech Sharia”, who in addition to enforcement of sharia in the Czech Republic is famous for the recruitment of jihadists in the Syrian civil war.

Hopefully students this disgusting propaganda of Islam in Czech schools do not surrender and that parents of small children to vigorously oppose their indoctrination.
We urge all who are not indifferent to the fate of our country and Czech children to express clear opposition to this propaganda of Islam in Czech schools for persons and institutions participating in the campaign.
The British probably before about 20 years ago, also majority thought that it is nothing horrible, and now they are threatened that if you do not send your child to a seminar on Islam, will have their baby in the records that is racist and coat it with him all his life .

If you’re too disgusted, so here are the contacts to these institutions: (Klara Popovová)
Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Municipal Library of Prague:
Anna Lindh Foundation – Euromed:
European Union: email form
The US Embassy in Prague: fb, tel.

With thanks to Barn Swallow and Islamoklast, commenters at Gates of Vienna: